Sunday, January 13, 2013

Carol Anne Bond has Specific Hobbies

Most people can easily name some activity they enjoy performing alone or with others. When this activity is performed on a regular basis it usually becomes a hobby. Some hobbies are done actively and others passively whenever the opportunity arises. Carol Anne Bond has three distinct hobbies that she enjoys on a regular or semi-regular basis. 

The hobby that she enjoys most often is reading. When Carol Anne Bond is stuck indoors or is ready to relax at the end of the day, she sits down with a good book. Her favorite genres are history, arts and culture. She appreciates that books are not only interesting, but educational as well. Carol Anne Bond finds if fascinating to read about the way cultures have changed through history and what effects they’ve had today. She does not limit herself to one culture either.

When Carol Anne Bond isn’t stuck indoors, she likes to get out on the water. There are a number of water sports that she enjoys. The first thing she enjoys is sailing. Carol Anne Bond loves to sail through the water using wind as her power source. Once Carol Anne Bond has found a comfortable location on the water, she takes time to snorkel and dive. Diving and snorkeling are her two favorite activities to perform underwater. 

Carol Anne Bond loves to explore places that have had little influence by humanity. This carries over from her love for diving and snorkeling to traveling as well. Carol Anne Bond knows she cannot travel all the time, but when she does get away, she enjoys remote destinations. Not everyplace she visits has to be completely isolated from mankind’s need to modernize, but she prefers remote locations to heavily populated tourist traps.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Carol Anne Bond Prefers Isolated Travel Destinations

Carol Anne Bond loves her ability to move around and travel. If you ask what some of her favorite hobbies are, travel would be one of the first things she’d mention. She can readily share many of the beautiful destinations she has journeyed to. Carol Anne Bond travels as often as she can and as a single woman, traveling is easy to do. 

Carol Anne Bond is unafraid to visit new places. Some vacationers revisit the same destinations year after year, but Carol Anne Bond is not among them. She enjoys finding new places to visit. She has specific ideas of what comprises the perfect trip. More often than not, traveling to popular and over commercialized tourist destinations is not on her “to-do” list. 

Carol Anne Bond takes great pleasure in traveling to new and unique places. When she thinks of the perfect travel destination, someplace free of people and remote often comes to her mind. In many ways, traveling to remote and isolated destinations makes Carol Anne Bond feel like an explorer of old. Even though the world has been mapped, she enjoys visiting places off the beaten path.

It is undisturbed nature that appeals so significantly to Carol Anne Bond. Although it is human nature to manipulate everything to our benefit, Carol Anne Bond appreciates the beauty of untamed environments. Her love for nature inspires her to seek unpopulated areas not only when she travels on land but when she sails and dives as well. 

Carol Anne Bond looks forward to continuing her travels. There are many places around the country and the world that offer glimpses of natural environments with little influence by man. The draw of natural environments is what leads many people like Carol Anne Bond to visit national parks like Yellowstone or Alaska every year. Carol Anne Bond is one traveler who loves the quiet serene environments of remote destinations.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Carol Anne Bond Is Devout

Carol Anne Bond values many things in her life. She values time spent with family and friends, time spent traveling, reading books, and her religious upbringing. Carol Anne Bond is proud to identify herself religiously. She is never embarrassed by her religion and often uses the morals it taught her to guide her in life.

Carol Anne Bond as a young woman had to make the choice as she grew into an independent adult whether or not she wanted to stick with her religious traditions. Just because she was taught to go to church every Sunday as a child did not mean that she had to continue do so as an adult. It was her personal choice to continue practicing Catholicism.

Not only is Carol Anne Bond proud to call herself Catholic, but she is adamant to point out she is a devout Catholic. Her attendance to Sunday mass spans years. Carol Anne Bond takes great comfort in the environment of her church. The feeling of community and fellowship she experiences every time she walks through her church doors is exhilarating and keeps her returning week after week. 

As a Christian, the holidays are important to Carol Anne Bond. Christians and non-Christians alike find the holiday season to be a time of excitement and joining with friends and family. As a Catholic, Carol Anne Bond also sees the holidays as a time to reflect upon her religious relationships as well. The holiday season of Advent, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day takes on deeper significance for Carol Anne Bond when she looks at the time of year from a religious perspective instead of a consumer one. It is this different perspective through which she views society that keeps Carol Anne Bond a devout Catholic.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Carol Anne Bond Earned an M.B.A

One of the biggest statements a person can make about themselves may come without uttering a single word. Often, this impression comes from educational attainment. If you have a professional degree, people and employers are already reading into what characteristics they expect that person to possess. This unspoken connection between educational level and perceived value is what leads many people to repeat the expression “education opens doors.”
Carol Anne Bond knew as a student that education would be important for a successful career. Many companies look for individuals to stand out and one way to do this is through educational attainment and work history. Carol Anne Bond continued her education until she had successfully completed and earned her Master’s in Business Administration. The completion of a professional degree demonstrated her level of commitment to achieve and succeed. 

Professional degrees like Carol Anne Bond’s can be earned for two purposes, they can be earned before a professional career is started to gain a deeper theoretical understanding of an industry, or earned to create opportunities for career advancement. Carol Anne Bond’s degree was a little of both. She wanted to get her degree before she started her professional working career, but she also wanted to create advancement opportunities once she began work. 

Like many people have come to know and understand, education does create opportunity. Carol Anne Bond’s degree helped her start her career year as a retail manager. She then quickly used her degree to switch to a different industry. She spent three years as an independent analyst for a financial company. When opportunity called, Carol Anne Bond switched careers a third time. She spent five years at an international construction firm where she worked in the company’s accounting department.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Carol Anne Bond Loves Water Sports

Without a doubt, Carol Anne Bond is a water enthusiast. She enjoys a number of outdoor recreational activities but her favorites are those related to water. Carol Anne Bond enjoys spending time outside; she often enjoys spending time away from the hustle and bustle of a busy work life. When she has free time, she either travels or hits the water.

Like many water lovers, Carol Anne Bond loves to go sailing. It is relaxing and thrilling all at the same time. When she sails, Carol Anne Bond feels free and independent - as though all worries were left back on the shoreline. Moving without the confines of street signs or lights is just one more reason why Carol Anne Bond loves sailing. 

Other than cruising around in a sailboat, Carol Anne Bond finds it thrilling to jump into the water. She has two particular water sport favorites after sailing. The first is snorkeling and the second is diving. Carol Anne Bond performs both sports with equal pleasure. In many ways, both snorkeling and diving provide Carol Anne Bond the freedom of flying and being free from the gravity. The difference is when Carol Anne Bond dives, she brings oxygen with her. 

Carol Anne Bond takes great pleasure in diving and snorkeling. Both open up a new environment to explore. Just like her preferences when she travels, Carol Anne Bond loves the isolation of being out on or in the water. Carol Anne Bond finds undisturbed nature more inspirational than manmade environments. 

Carol Anne Bond loves spending time on the water. Not only does she find each activity enjoyable, but she knows they are good for her physical health and peace of mind. Carol Anne Bond’s love for water sports will only continue to grow as each of her experiences leaves her with the continuous desire to sail, snorkel, and dive.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Carol Anne Bond Loves to Read

When it is time to relax after a stressful day at work, people find enjoyment performing a number of activities. Some people may watch a movie, others listen to music, and some individuals like Carol Anne Bond enjoy reading. Sitting down to a good book not only helps Carol Anne Bond exercise her creative mind but they expand her knowledge. This is why Carol Anne Bond chooses to read books dedicated to history, arts, and culture.

Carol Anne Bond loves going to the bookstore to find a new book to read. She also goes online to read book reviews as well. The brief synopsis of the book quickly alerts Carol Anne Bond to whether or not the book is something she may be interested in reading further. When it comes to books on history, Carol Anne Bond has certain preferences regarding what historical topics she finds interesting.

As a whole, Carol Anne Bond loves history, but she also loves reading about other cultures as well. In today’s modern world, there are not too many places, if any, left unexplored. And Carol Anne Bond knows archeologists have done a good job piecing together ancient cultures based on historical artifacts buried and forgotten. What she does find interesting is what cultural aspects can be deduced based upon the forgotten art of ancient cultures.

Carol Anne Bond enjoys reading about different cultures and the differences in art between cultures. Just as culture changes over time, so too does art. Even today many cultures strive to preserve the historical artistic practices they’ve been steadily losing to modernization. Carol Anne Bond finds the connection between art and culture fascinating. Equally important to Carol Anne Bond is how history plays into the changing of cultural. Reading about evolving culture leaves Carol Anne Bond speculating about our own evolving society.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Three Professional Experiences for Carol Anne Bond

Many young and experienced employees alike have changed career fields. Carol Anne Bond has nearly a decade of experience between three different industries. Like many working professionals, Carol Anne Bond began her career by first completing school. Carol Anne Bond began her work as a professional by earning her Master in Business Administration degree. 

After earning her professional degree, Carol Anne Bond was well prepared to seek work in a number of fields. Since her degree was in business, Carol Anne Bond had little trouble finding a job as a manager in retail. There are many opportunities in retail but the industry is not for everyone. Carol Anne Bond only spent one year in retail before she decided to look for work in a different industry.

After Carol Anne Bond left retail, she began work as an independent analyst. She spent three years as an independent analyst where she worked for a financial organization. Working in the financial industry for three years prepared Carol Anne Bond for her next position after she left the financial organization. 

Carol Anne Bond’s next five years were spent in the accounting department of an international construction firm. While the company itself dealt in the construction industry, Carol Anne Bond’s position in the company continued her experience in the realm of finance. Carol Anne Bond has a total of eight years working in the area of finance between the construction firm and finance organization.

Even though Carol Anne Bond earned her degree in business administration, she worked as an analyst and in an accounting department for a total of 8 years. From her experience in finance and her previous experience as a retail manager, Carol Anne Bond is prepared for any number of jobs related to the business world.